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WordPress Hosting: Why We Offer It

We offer WordPress hosting so we can deliver the best hosting environment to our customers at the best cost. We offer our own WordPress hosting because we wanted reliable, fast hosting for our customers’ very important websites.

A Little Bit of History

When we first started out creating websites, there was no such thing as WordPress. If you wanted a website, you created it manually either by hand in HTML, or by using custom programming tech such as PHP or ASP. Out of frustration, we created our own Content Management System (CMS). That got us through a few years and a few customers. Then WordPress came along and eventually added enough features that we decided to scrap our internal CMS because it could no longer compete.

As our list of WordPress powered sites grew, we experimented with many different hosting platforms. At first we tried hosting on Windows. Then we tried various shared platforms. Each one of them had shortcomings, and each shortcoming came to light sooner or later.

A startup came to us looking for help hosting their website. We placed their site in a partner’s shared hosting environment. You know, the ones that cost $8/month. The owners of this site made a savvy social media push. Within three weeks, their site was crashing due to the hosting limits set for the account. Three more upgrades and three more limits reached within another month.

Pretty soon, we had a dedicated Linux server configured for that one website. And it still wasn’t enough. At this point, the costs were getting out of hand and the next upgrade was going to triple our already crazy hosting costs.

Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands

It was obvious that relying on other hosting companies was NOT going to provide the level of service our customers needed. We took matters into our own hands.

The servers hosted by 3rd party providers were slow and expensive. Support was terrible, if you could even get support. Systems would go down with no explanation. We tried 3-4 different major/respected hosting companies and our experience was the same with each. We had server outages, DNS outages…you name it.

In exasperation, we spun up our first cloud-based dedicated WordPress server. It was beautiful, like a beacon in the darkness.

Because we weren’t sharing processors and memory with 8,000 other customers, it was also FAST. And we could upgrade it any time we wanted to, with a simple reboot.

We migrated the “trouble” website to the new server, and it was like a commercial airliner reaching cruising altitude: smooth, clear skies all the way! And we haven’t looked back.

Drawback to WordPress Hosting: Hacked Sites

The drawback to hosting WordPress is security. WordPress is a MAJOR target for hackers because it is so prolific. Early on, when we attempted to host WordPress on a Windows server, the system got hacked so badly that it was unrecoverable.

Our customers have also experienced hacked sites on Linux servers. If you work any at all with WordPress, you’ve probably either been hacked yourself, or you know somebody who has.

In order for us to successfully host WordPress sites, we had to take a few precautionary measures to protect us, our hosted sites, and our customers. No hosting company we ever worked with took these measures.

What Steps Do You Take For Safe WordPress Hosting?

The steps we take are relatively simple. Our hosting services:

  1. Require a Wordfence license.
  2. Include frequent automatic backups of your site to the cloud.
  3. Keep your software and plugins up-to-date.
  4. Site isolation.

Those four things will protect any WordPress site 99% of the time. We also encourage our high-traffic customers to use a service such as Cloudflare or Sucuri Firewall as an additional step to thwart attacks.

Wordfence actively keeps the hackers out and it alerts you immediately if your site is compromised. It works like virus detection on your desktop PC, actively monitoring threats or suspicious activity.

Frequent backups ensure that should your site fall victim to a hacker, you’ll have the resources available to quickly get back up and running. Instead of fighting to clean the site, you just trash the hacked site and start over from a backup in minutes.

When you keep your software up-to-date, it ensures that any security holes are patched as soon as the fixes are released. We frequently login and update your software.

We isolate your site from other sites. Your site won’t get hacked if your neighbor’s does.

Cloudfare and Sucuri are both designed to hide the server from hackers. When a hacker targets your site, they are actually targeting Cloudflare or Sucuri, and their attempts never reach your website. These services also offer attack mitigation, such as blocking denial of service attacks.

So Why Keep Using WordPress?

We keep using WordPress because it is unparalleled in the content management arena. Your website won’t get hacked if you take the proper precautions.

You Just Scared Me.

Sorry, but the truth is that both we and our customers have all experienced the above scenarios. We got into WordPress hosting because we had to. We got tired of spending all our time fighting slow servers or fighting off attacks by hackers or sites randomly going offline. Now, our time has been freed up so we can do…anything else!

Rest Easy

You can rest easy when you host with us. We can scale up, we keep your site safe and protected, and we make sure your site runs as fast as it can. Nobody else is going to do that for you.

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