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We’re glad you stopped by!  Ravine is a customer-focused software development company specializing in software designed to make your life easier.   We are a highly skilled .Net and SQL Server development company with years of experience creating complex data-driven, customer- and user-focused systems.  We work with the full stack, from server configuration, backup, and provisioning to database configuration, deployment, and management. We handle the complete software life cycle including requirements gathering, development, deployment, and support.  We write code, manage and support systems, and even supplement your existing team of developers.

What exactly do you do?

We can do anything

Both the beauty and the curse of custom software development is that we can literally do anything.  Try explaining that to a sales team!  Any project, any market, any industry, any sized business.  Chances are that we’ve worked in your industry before, including  medical, industrial, financial, utilities, government, office/clerical, education, manufacturing, or even food trucks.  Our software has been deployed in shiny new office buildings, floating marinas, and dusty hot warehouses.  

Come on. Really? Anything?

Yes, but we do have specialties

We’ve been writing web-based applications since before it was a thing.  And our first systems were primarily in the education and government sectors.  We built custom testing and scoring applications to test candidates and students in academics, skills, and personality, either in K-12, university, vocational school, or on the job.  And we still build these systems today!

In addition to educational and skills testing and assessment, we specialize in online payment systems, content management systems, government accounting, collections agencies, and integrations.

We’ve also spent a lot of time interviewing end users and management teams to learn about their existing systems and what their needs, desires, and sore spots are.

This custom software thing...

What exactly is custom software development?

If you want a Word Processor, you buy Word or Google Docs.  If you want to browse the web, you download Firefox or Chrome.  If you need accounting software, you buy Quickbooks.  These products are called “off the shelf” software.

But what if you want your sales team to have remote access to financial data cross referenced with data from your production line?  What if you are in a very niche market and there just isn’t any software available to run your business the way you need to?

Custom Software Development allows you to do things that “off the shelf” software doesn’t do.  Or we bring several unrelated off-the-self products together, integrating them into a new system that revolutionizes the way you work.

The sky is the limit.

Work with us on your next software project!

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Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us, of course!  We will have a conversation with you about what you need and we’ll offer some solutions. We like to talk over email, Skype, phone calls, coffee, lunch, or beer!

Usually.  Most modern business software offers a way to integrate, either by connecting directly to the back-end database, or through an API.  If you have a tech team, we can talk to them about it, or we can talk directly to your software vendor.

The answer to that is, “it varies.”  Writing software can sometimes be complex. We can give you an estimate based on the size of the project and our availability at any given time. And it’s always possible to throw more resources at a project to speed it up.

We do our best to learn what the customer wants to build up front and build that.  We will document it and get sign-off before beginning.  However, we’ve NEVER worked on a project that didn’t evolve as things went along. When you see something on the screen for the first time, it pushes your mind to the land of “what-ifs.”  We expect and welcome change requests.

If you pay us to write code, you will own the code that we write.  Of course there are exceptions, but those are discussed and decided upon up front.

We are primarily a Microsoft shop. We do most of our dev work using the .Net Framework with and MVC. In our opinion, Microsoft is still the best solution for most business software.  It is clean and efficient, it integrates with existing corporate network architecture well, it compiles (unlike PHP) for speed, and is even moving towards Open Source.

Any ODBC-compliant datasource is acceptable. In addition to SQL Server, Access, and MySQL, we’ve connected to Oracle, InterSystems Cache, and even AS/400 from our software. If your source data is tied to an API, we can just use that.  We’ve even read data from proprietary hardware coming in through serial ports (recently!).

We offer several different pricing options.  We can bill either hourly, by the project, by blocks of time, or by retainer.  We stay flexible to best help our customers.  Hourly is the most flexible, but the other bulk options will save you money assuming the project is longer term.

Most of our projects are either proprietary, hidden behind firewalls, or password protected.  We may eventually put some screenshots in our portfolio once we get permission from customers. However, we can demo just about anything you want to see either in-person or via screenshare.

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