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Web, Application, and Email Hosting

We aren’t limited by a single technology. We can handle ALL of your hosting needs, from WordPress to your essential applications and databases!  Let us host your website or provide you with dedicated Windows and Linux servers.  Our hosting environment is built around performance, at the top level of the cloud, without 3rd party companies or tools getting in the way.

WordPress Hosting & Maintenance Plans

We’re not your average WordPress hosting provider!

  • No performance throttling. We’ll help you grow.
  • Active server enhancements for smooth sailing.
  • Proactive security monitoring to keep your site safe.
  • Offsite backups just in case.
  • We also offer custom hosting options. The sky’s the limit.
  • Email is available.
  • Cloudflare integration is available.
  • Domain registration, maintenance, and DNS management are available.
$49.00Per Month

Disk Space: Plenty

Bandwidth: Plenty

cPanel Access

Phone & Email Support

Wordfence Security License & Monitoring

Off-Server Updraft Backups

WordPress & Critical Plugin and Theme Updates

Caching Plugins

Staging Sites

$99.00Per Month*

Dedicated Server

WordPress, Plugin, and Theme Updates

Plenty of Disk Space & Bandwitdth

Priority Support

Wordfence Security License & Monitoring

Off-Server Backups & Data Recovery To Location of Your Choice

*Starting price of $99. Actual price depends on required server setup and any add-ons or support/maintenance hours.


Our GOLD plan is the best solution for most WordPress websites. This plan includes telephone and email support as well as basic maintenance by our team of experts. We’ll make sure your site runs smoothly. We’ll protect and monitor your website and update your WordPress software and security plugins for you.  We will transfer your site, set it up, test it, and host it.


We're dedicated to your safe, fast, and secure WordPress experience. From maintenance to design, we've got you covered!


We use the latest tech to improve your WordPress experience, from caching to the server environment.


We actively monitor to keep your site safe and secure. We perform off-site backups for disaster recovery. We can also integrate with CDNs such as Cloudflare or Sucuri for extra protection.


You can contact us via email anytime, or by phone during our normal business hours (8am-5pm EST).


The PLATINUM plan is your managed gateway to high performance, scalable hosting. Your website will be isolated on its own dedicated server that can be scaled up in minutes. We’ll also maintain your website with all software, plugin, and theme updates. We will monitor your website for uptime and actively manage any security issues. We’ll even send your backups to a second location of your choosing!

Dedicated Server

This is not shared hosting, Your website will be on its own dedicated server.

Managed Hosting

Your site is fully managed by us. We'll take care of it so you can rest easy.

Priority Support

You want support? You have support!

Enterprise Hosting

Unlike our competitors, we also offer Windows and other Enterprise level hosting solutions. We can host anything, from your line of business applications to email to databases to websites.

Windows Hosting

Shared or dedicated. Web or line of business apps. We host it!

Database Hosting

From SQL Server to MySQL, we've got you covered.

Linux Hosting

We can spin up your desired flavor of Linux, however you need it.


We can host your email for you, or set up your own dedicated mail server.

Domain, DNS, and CDN

We manage all of your domain, DNS, and CDN needs.

API Hosting

Host your API with us for highly available access for all of your apps.

Automated Services

We host your automated service apps.

Always Scalable

Need more bandwidth, space, memory, or performance? We can usually upgrade you in minutes!

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The following add-ons are available!

Domain Names
SSL Certificates
Email Hosting

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices reflect the quality of the hosting and the work that goes in to maintaining and protecting your website. We’ve tried the cheap providers.  Any higher traffic website will rapidly outgrow most consumer-grade services. You won’t find our server-side caching technology in consumer-grade services either.

We use a server-side caching technology. The server will display cached copies of your pages until you update the content. That means the site doesn’t have to execute code or hit the database when someone visits your site.  Caching just means FAST!

Because our customers demanded it. After trying many different hosting companies, we decided the only solution was to do it ourselves.

Not really.  We can probably host any PHP site.  WordPress is just the most popular and we know how to protect it.  We’ll even setup your own server and you can do what you want with it.

Pretty much anything that runs on IIS,  We host content management systems, custom-built websites, custom APIs, and even reporting servers.  If you sweet-talked us, we might even consider hosting your SharePoint site.

If your database happens to be Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL, then YES!  Yes, we can.  We can handle SQL Server Express and SQL Server Web for more powerful apps. You’re welcome to put an Access database file on there too. Got something else?  Drop us a note.

Sure thing!  We can spin up just about anything you need.  Linux or Windows.  Powerful or developer/sandbox quality.  We can even set you up in different regions. Our hosting platform is versatile, powerful, scalable, and very reliable.

We use SmarterMail Enterprise with Cyren Antispam and Cyren AV.  It’s fast, flexible, scalable, and safe.  And it works with your phone, Outlook, or other email client. And it’s MUCH more reliable than any Microsoft Exchange server we’ve ever used.  So reliable, in fact, that sometimes we forget it’s there!  And unlike Gmail, your email is 100% private–we won’t read your email or send you ads based on the content of your email.

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