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Our servers are FAST.  Faster than any shared hosting providers we’ve ever used. And we don’t shut your site down if you suddenly have a spike in traffic. We’ve seen sites outgrow consumer-grade shared hosting in less than a week.

Managing your own site got you down?

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Managing your own WordPress site can be very frustrating.  Trust us, we know!  There’s a hacker out there ready to mess with you.  We have a very particular set of skills to keep hackers at bay and keep your site running at its very best!

We host email too!

Got email?

Our enterprise level email system will keep you connected and secure.  We have spam, virus, and malware filters built right in. You can sync with Outlook or get mail on your phone or even in your favorite email program.  Our webmail client lets you stay caught up even on the go!

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Enterprise WordPress Hosting

We created our own hosting platform because we got tired of the limitations of the existing commercial options.  The services were either too slow, too expensive, or too limited. Ravine Software offers FULLY MANAGED WordPress hosting. We personally make sure your site stays updated and secure so it always runs at its best.

With our caching technology, we host single sites that receive over 75,000 unique visitors with well over a million page views and over 100GB of bandwidth each month with lightning speed.

WIth FULLY MANAGED WordPress hosting, our technicians monitor your site and will login to make sure your WordPress version, plugins, and themes stay up-to-date.  We use WordFence to routinely scan your site and actively monitor for threats.

We also backup your site and database to our offsite Amazon S3 storage platform.  We can also configure the backups to go to enterprise-level cloud storage locations of your choosing, including FTP, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Enterprise Windows/IIS Hosting

Ravine Software offers FULLY MANAGED enterprise Windows/IIS hosting. We manage all aspects of the setup and hosting so you don’t have to! 

Every app is different.  We will consult with you to provide the best solution.  The table below is provided to give you an idea of starting costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices reflect the quality of the hosting and the work that goes in to maintaining and protecting your website. We’ve tried the cheap providers.  Any higher traffic website will rapidly outgrow most consumer-grade services. You won’t find our server-side caching technology in consumer-grade services either.

We use a server-side caching technology. The server will display cached copies of your pages until you update the content. That means the site doesn’t have to execute code or hit the database when someone visits your site.  Caching just means FAST!

Because our customers demanded it. After trying many different hosting companies, we decided the only solution was to do it ourselves.

Not really.  We can probably host any PHP site.  WordPress is just the most popular and we know how to protect it.  We’ll even setup your own server and you can do what you want with it.

Pretty much anything that runs on IIS,  We host content management systems, custom-built websites, custom APIs, and even reporting servers.  If you sweet-talked us, we might even consider hosting your SharePoint site.

If your database happens to be Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL, then YES!  Yes, we can.  We can handle SQL Server Express and SQL Server Web for more powerful apps. You’re welcome to put an Access database file on there too. Got something else?  Drop us a note.

Sure thing!  We can spin up just about anything you need.  Linux or Windows.  Powerful or developer/sandbox quality.  We can even set you up in different regions. Our hosting platform is versatile, powerful, scalable, and very reliable.

We use SmarterMail Enterprise with Cyren Antispam and Cyren AV.  It’s fast, flexible, scalable, and safe.  And it works with your phone, Outlook, or other email client. And it’s MUCH more reliable than any Microsoft Exchange server we’ve ever used.  So reliable, in fact, that sometimes we forget it’s there!  And unlike Gmail, your email is 100% private–we won’t read your email or send you ads based on the content of your email.

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